Garden Wasabi Success Stories

Someone once exclaimed to me that: "....wasabi is nearly impossible to grow...".  

"Nonsense!" I replied.  And so have thousands of others each year.  The following are some of our customers' plants and gardens.  All of these customers have provided permission to use their communication and photos and used the below offer.

If you're an existing, past or future customer, remember this offer: 50% your next purchase from The Wasabi Store: Submit your photo(s) of your wasabi plant growing (or harvested), and information you think would be helpful to other wasabi growers.  For example, provide the date planted (approximate), growing environment (soil and amendments), nutrients added, potted or not, watering cycle etc.  Post this on Instagram with #wasabiplants #growingwasabi #exoticplant #FreshHotReal #homegrown #freshwasabiroot #womenofwasabi #freshwasabi #wasabi #FrogEyesWasabi   OR on Pinterest ( Send the photo(s) and information to and your approval to use it and we may put it on the blog.  If it's posted at any of the above, we will contact you to ask you if we may use the photo on the blog.  For any future order, provide your name and email for your discount code.

" I finally did it! My first "big" harvest after two years:) Thank you so much for your dedication and education for this plant. It has been a great gardening experience! 
Best wishes Robbie (from eureka ca;)"  

That looks a very healthy and tasty wasabi there Mr. Olson!

@rottenkoala grew a rhizome in Portland Oregon.  And I love the nail polish color.  That's enough for at least a few sushi rolls.

Mr. Chang in Utah is growing these in a pond in a gravel substrate.  "

"I've received the order yesterday and planted them already. By the end of the summer we shall see the result. I've already use the leaves to make Ozuke with pickled plums and shiso leaves. I'm planning to make some pesto sauce and salsa verde out of some. I'm going to incorporate them in my ramen somehow.   Thank you for making wasabi possible in the States."

Growing in the corner of the house in a shady spot and a wine barrel. 

The above photos and below information is from a customer John:  

"Jennifer, here are some better pictures of the 4 plants I got from you about 3-4 months ago. They are all planted in Black Gold choir potting soil.  All get a sprinkling of bat guano that is infused with good soil "bugs".  I water with a mix of about 1/2 tablespoon of Epsom Salt mixed into a gallon of water and a tiny pinch of Miricle grow.

The plants from you have been living in the garage since the cold and snow started that last week of December.  Temperature in there has held between 45-50 degrees. I do take all of them outside on days when it is over 45 and let them soak up some of our liquid sunshine.

I found your site and bought 4 roots which cost about 1/2 what my first root cost. I cant tell you how impressed I was after receiving your shipment. The packaging was exceptional, a bubble wrap box with cold pack inside. And unlike the tiny plant with 2 leaves on it like my first root, the roots you sent were huge and very healthy looking. Easily 4 times the size of my original. Very sure these will be good starts.  Just wanted to thank you for an exceptional product. I will be buying many more from you once I get these started and create a small space to properly care for them!  Thanks! John  (Sent via The Wasabi Store)

Posted on March 15, 2017 .