ORDER DEADLINE each week is SATURDAY NIGHT to ship the following week. Orders received after Saturday will ship the week after.

We harvest our wasabi to order.  Wasabi orders are harvested weekly each week of the year (year-round - wasabi has no season).  Orders placed by Saturday at midnight Pacific Standard Time will be harvested the following Tuesday and shipped the following day (Wednesday).  Orders received after Saturday at midnight will be harvested one week later (e.g. an order arrives Friday, June 1st and is harvested Tuesday June 5th and shipped Wednesday the 6th.  Order arrives Sunday June 3rd, it is harvested Tuesday June 12; one week later).  Delivery is typically Fridays.

Restaurant and Distributor Delivery days for are Thursdays.  

Website orders for rhizomes and plant starts are are Fridays.  

Shipping Cost:  US mainland is typically 2-day USPS and $10.00 plus shipping materials including re-usable ice packs.

Overnight is possible. Cost is approximately $65-75  + materials.  Inquire at for overnight options.

Holiday Order Deadlines 2017): For Thanksgiving, order by November 11 midnight PST.  For Christmas and New Years order by , Dec. 15.   Please see the orders webpage for ordering cutoff dates / days.  Each order is harvested after the order is placed.  

This box can arrive before the holidays and be kept in the refrigerator.  Please see the blog post "how long does it last" and the web page "preparation and storage"

Package does contain live plants and must be refrigerated upon delivery.  For gift wrapping, package contents must be replaced in the original or replacement box. 

Shipping Notes: comes in a 8-inch x 8-inch x 8-inch cube box.



Wasabi root (actually rhizome) is shipped trimmed as shown with approximately 2 inches of stem and no roots.  (Grated rhizome with steel grater is shown for reference).  Most rhizomes are approximately 2 ounces/60 grams in weight or larger.  Weight does not affect taste.  Once the plant is mature, the plant's flavor is uniform.  

Wasabi Grater included free with purchase of 1 pound or more. 

Daruma-variety only available.  Mazuma variety should be available in winter 2017.

Looking to order more than 1 pound? Or are you a restaurant or distributor? Contact us at  

Note: wasabi grater ONLY included in purchase of one pound or more.  Grater can be ordered separately, but is included free with one pound or more.

Plant starts for your garden or hydroponic system

We sell wasabi plant starts (sometimes called "seedlings").  These are the very same starts that wasabi growers use to propagate commercial wasabi. From even the smallest start, a wasabi plant can grow—with or without a visible rhizome. As long as there is an apical maristem, the plant can grow. The offshoot does not need to have roots, stems or leaves to grow a plant. 

To read more about wasabi starts, go here →


Leaves and stems (petioles) are edible.  The heat is greater in the stem than the leaf.  But the heat is significantly milder in the leaves and stems than the rhizome. Both the leaf and stem contain the compounds claimed to have health benefits including (glucosinolates and isothiocyanates). The heat in the leaves and stems will diminish when cooked and taste similar to sautéed spinach and asparagus respectively. Stems and leaves can be pickled, fermented, sautéed or served raw.  Leaves can be shipped with or without stems (email to specify).  Depending on size, there are approximately 35 leaves with attached stems per pound or 80 leaves per pound.   Size varies, but typically leaves are 5-inches in diameter and petioles are 6 inches in length.

Note: Flowers available in late winter to early spring.  Flowers can be steeped as an herbal tea, added to soups or salads.  Contact for pricing