Wasabi and Meat; Lots of Meat. Oct. 11 2015 Nicky USA Wild About Game

Wasabi Fans,  Frog Eyes is strutting its stuff at the 15th Annual Wild About Game hosted by Nicky USA meat purveyors.  Join us at the Resort at the Mountain on October 11th for a taste of all of the cook-off action and to sample your way through the Jacobsen Salt Co. Artisan Marketplace, featuring the best bites and sips in the Northwest. Tickets on sale now at MercTickets.com  The match ups have all been set and the game has been paired for the Game Cook-Off Competition at Wild About Game. We can't wait to see what this amazing group of chefs cook up with our signature Nicky Farms game meats. Chef_Match_Ups_&_Protein_Pairings_Announced

Wasabi is quite versatile with proteins.  With the diversity of meat on offer, food fans, epicureans and gourmands will be able to determine which type of meat that best pairs with wasabi.  We will be hosting a table and providing wasabi samples.  Rumor has it that we may even have a wasabi-infused vodka for the after party (yes, it's infused with Frog Eyes Wasabi).  Taylor Stark from Departure Restaurant in the Nines hotel in Portland (executive chef is Gregory Gourdet of Top Chef and a friend of Frog Eyes Wasabi)  and beef from Nicky's source Creekstone Natural Beef.


Wasabi and Steak is a Japanese delicacy for a reason.  Wasabi pairs well with nearly any protein (and starch for that matter - mashed potatoes or cold noodles is particularly good).

We will be Instagramming from the event and will have heaps of protein-paring ideas.  Don't get me wrong; I love sushi and fresh wasabi with fish, but with red meat it's just decadent.  Unlike a sauce, it doesn't alter the meat flavor or hide the meat at all.  Like a salt, it just augments and brightens flavors.  With Jacobsen Salt hosting the market, we'll try the ti-pairing of salt, wasabi and meat.  I'll report back.....


Steak and Wasabi



Posted on September 8, 2015 .