Summer Garden Wasabi: Maintain Hope. Keep Watering

Wasabi Fans. Wasabi is indeed a great garden plant.  It grows in full shade and can withstand lots of rain, doesn't get out-competed easily and best of all, it's all edible.  Combine wasabi with brussels sprouts, and kale and you have greens through the winter.

The past several months I've been showing off my garden wasabi (that which is not grown in the greenhouses at Frog Eyes Farm).   The below photo example is from the springtime showing full, lush plants.  The latter photos are taken last week after a very hot and dry summer here in the valley (as opposed to the coast where Frog Eyes Farm is located).  I've not taken my own advice on this blog and I didn't water daily  I averaged once each three days.  These plants also received full sun for a couple of days for a couple of hours; also violating my previous recommendation.  But, it was an experiment and will continue to be one.  I'll update this blog on the conduit of these same plants as the days grow cloudy and the rain commences.  I estimate half of the plants will return and sprout healthy edible leaves once again.  Those plants with a healthy apical meristem will be fine.

This autumn, I'll plant some garden plants following my advice and show a comparison between the two.

This was taken in the late spring 2015 after several months of growth (the plants were planted mid September 2014).

Post Harvest March 30 2015

The following were taken in late August 2015.  Same wine barrel; same plants.

Garden Plants August 2015-3 Garden Plants August 2015-2

Posted on August 31, 2015 .