Customer Appreciation Day

I love hearing customer feedback.  Where did you plant your starts; how did you grow them; when did they flower: have you clipped any leaves and into what dish were they added; what was the heat level? One of our customers, Robert recently sent the progress of his plant starts.  The below shows his initial planting in March and a July/August update.  (Note, full shade.  Very important.)  He's authorized us to use his communication verbatim:


“My wasabi plants have almost reached their one year! Besides a few set backs the plants have been great. The rhizomes are about two inches long and growing well. I just started seeing flowers on one that a sign of the end or will it keep growing? Should I cut it?  Again thanks for your time and amazing business!  … The set backs I mentioned were mostly do to aphids and heat in the summer. I added shade cloth for the heat and neem oil for the aphids. The plants lost most their leaves but came back fast.”




Customer Plant in Willamette Valley Oregon.  Planted late summer 2013 and still so happy it's flowering!  Photo in late Spring 2016

1-year old plant grown in Portland Oregon.  Thank you Hac

Posted on August 7, 2015 .