Freezing Temperatures? No Problem! Garden Wasabi Cold Tolerance

Markus Mead, Co-Founder and Farmer of Oregon Coast Wasabi.  Jennifer’s husband and business partner.

Freezing Temperatures Are Tolerated by Flowering Garden Wasabi

This video shows the garden wasabi plants following several below-freezing nights and about one inch of snow in late February.  The video was filmed on Sunday Feb. 25 and the low on Friday Feb. 23 was 21 degrees fahrenheit and snowing.  Only one leaf indicated a slight bit of cold damage evidenced by a bruising.  Though, the majority of the heart-shaped leaves and leaf stalks and flowers were undamaged by the frost. 

Next video will harvest these leaves and leaf stems and ferment them in the same method as simple sauerkraut and make a cup of tea by steeping the wasabi flowers.


Posted on February 25, 2018 .