30 Days Later - Update on the Wasabi Plant that Had Greens (Leaves) and Leaf Stalks (Stems) Harvested from it in Dec 2017

30 Days Later - Update on the Wasabi Plant That Had Greens (Leaves) and Leaf Stalks (Stems) Harvested From it in Dec 2017

Markus Mead, Co-Founder and Farmer of Oregon Coast Wasabi.  Jennifer’s husband and business partner.

Garden plants in Portland Oregon on Jan. 5 2018. This video shows the heart-shaped leaves and stalks' new growth following harvest in December 2017. At the end, a juiced glass of wasabi heart-shaped leaves and stalks are sampled for heat and flavor. The greens (leaves) and leaf stalks (stems) were harvested from the garden in Dec.

This video is an update to the Dec. 2017 video titled "How To Harvest Wasabi Greens (Leaves) and Leaf Stalks (Stems) From Your Garden".  This video shows the harvested plants one month later.  The plants are producing new growth even in the depth of winter and through several frosty nights.  The video also samples the Dec. 2017-harvested heart-shaped leaves and stalks that were juiced and refrigerated.  The juice is still hot, spicy and has a pleasant vegetal flavor and natural sweetness.  Adding some apple, ginger and citrus would make a great healthy juice.  

The heart-shaped leaves could be a great substitute for spinach, kale, collard greens, cabbage, chard and other greens.  The wasabi stalks can substitute for celery, green onion or herbs.  It's a great spicy "celery stalk" in a bloody mary as well.  

Thank you for watching.  We hope you enjoyed our video.

Posted on January 6, 2018 .