Winter Is a Great Time To Watch Your Wasabi Plants Grow


Markus Mead, Co-Founder and Farmer of Oregon Coast Wasabi.  Jennifer’s husband and business partner.

Winter is a Great Time to Watch Your Wasabi Plants Grow

This video shows the regrowth of the heart-shaped leaves and leaf stalks following the "harvest" or completely removing the leaves and stalks in early December 2017.  Through the lowest light of winter, the leaves and stalks have regrown with vigor and are ready again for harvest.  We are farmers and use the term "harvest" which translates to "eating". These leaves and stalks are ready for eating and the plants will be perfectly viable once again and ready for another tasty wasabi dish in another 6-8 weeks. 

The flower buds are a bit early this year.  The flowers are small and white and can also be "harvested"  In Japan, they are served as tempura (battered and fried) and also steeped into tea.  We garnish mashed potatoes, salads, or add them to a spring pesto.  


Posted on February 16, 2018 .