Tour Frog Eyes Wasabi Farm Virtually

Wasabi Fans, We receive frequent requests to tour the Frog Eyes Wasabi Farm.  Honestly, we'd love to accommodate everyone.  We love sharing our produce with our customers.  This creates a problem as, for various reasons, we cannot provide farm tours.  To solve this problem, the good folks at the Zagat Guide created a fantastic video of the Frog Eyes Wasabi Farm.  The video chronicles the harvest process and includes the grand finale of grating the rhizome fresh a the farm.  This is the tour we would want to provide every one of you that request(ed / s) a tour.  We hope you enjoy the tour.


As evident on our media page, Jennifer has been the subject of many past videos.  She wanted to take a breather on this one.  Hint, somewhat like "Where's Waldo" spot the faithful farm dog Sam in nearly every segment.

We hope you enjoy this video.  We are very grateful to the creators and producers of this video.  We think they did a fantastic job and created an entertaining and informative narrative.


Posted on January 9, 2016 .