Summer's Coming, But I Wish It Were Autumn

The rhizomes are getting larger each day.  They are green, healthy, hot and flavorful.  The flavor is really developing well.  One of the joys of farming is to observe (read: taste and enjoy) the taste progression/maturation of your crop.  The same is true with wasabi.  The heat and flavor are much more developed at about 80grams than 30grams.  I think the flavor even improves at 120grams.  But, we got to enjoy our first dish with this years' budding crop.  Our new friend Eric at Bar Avignon generously plied us with fresh Netarts Bay oysters and our other new friends at DeGarde Brewing generously shared their beer.  I've told anybody that will listen that it's the best beer I've ever tasted.  With wasabi the smoke flavor in the oysters really popped with that added heat.  The sweet vegetable flavor really extended the oyster flavor and mellowed it somewhat.  But, in the half shell, the sour beer with the brine was outstanding.  I want Autumn to be here so I can share more rhizomes with friends and customers, but I am very excited for summer with oysters and a pint at the foot of Netarts Bay with our new friends. IMG_2312

Posted on April 20, 2015 .