What We Have Now: Plant Starts (Plantlets) and Leaves/Stems

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature set out a nice warm apple pie on the windowsill.  After the coldest winter temperatures since 1950 in Dec. 2013, we have been blessed with the mildest winter in memory.  The greenhouses have been reaching the mid 70's during many days since December.  Out at the farm, our in-house dj has been spinning Jimmy Buffet during those months she's usually on rainy day music like Enya.  The plants are months ahead in their growth rate and the leaves are like June leaves rather than March/April.  The plant starts are large and healthy.  We should have our first rhizome sighting next month.  I'll keep this blog updated.  Leaves Big In the meantime, order some leaves and stems.  There are several recipes on our website: http://www.thewasabistore.com/recipes/  One of my favorites is to sauté the stems for 8-10 minutes in olive oil until the first signs of charring and then plate and add some sea salt.  The leaves make a great sauce with a bit of broth, xanthum gum and olive oil all blended in a food processor.  Goes great over potatoes.  Think of this as a mail-order fresh greens source.

We also have two new outlets for plant starts. For mail order, check out the Territorial Seed Company  http://www.territorialseed.com/category/wasabi_plants

Portland Nursery

If local in Portland, check the Portland Nursery.

Territorial Seed Plantlets

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Posted on March 23, 2015 .