Grow Your Own

You can grow your own wasabi.  Certainly, you can.  Really; you can.  The below photo are several offshoots we planted in a wine barrel with potting soil.  We potted them in late August 2014.  The photo was taken Feb. 8 2015.  These plants were planed off-season (in Autumn).  This is about what you could expect from your (yes, your) plants as well.  These are just starting to flower (see the little buds?) and are growing taller petioles (stems) and bigger leaves now that it's Spring-like.  The leaves and stems could be cut and eaten.  It won't hurt the plant to do so.  It's like plucking lettuce or kale leaves.  But, wait you say, Markus, you grow wasabi professionally, don't you have an advantage?  Well, yes in theory.  But, we planted these like any inattentive gardener would have.  We planted them and ignored them.  No secret sauce, no nurturing, no nothing.  Really.   Just the day before this photo was taken, I  tossed a handful of triple 14 fourteen fertilizer on them for a little boost.  From Sept to now; nothing.  Just plant them in a shady spot (such as the north or east side of the house, under a rhododendron bush etc. and watch them grow.  Granted, your results may vary, but many people report nearly identical growth.  Make sure the soil is very very well drained (don't worry about adding too much pumice or gravel) and make sure there's nearly no direct sunlight ever.   Enjoy! Want to plant your own?  Order straight from the website:


Wasabi Offshoots Feb 8 2015 In Barrel

Posted on February 9, 2015 .