Frog Eyes Wasabi has provided wasabi to the following restaurants:

  • Morimoto - Napa
  • Megu, New York
  • The Dutch, New York City
  • Fukuda, Pittsburgh
  • Masu, Portland OR
  • W Seattle (Trace)
  • Zilla Sake, Portland OR
  • Departure, Portland OR
  • Terrys Turf Club, Cincinnati Ohio
  • Hiro 88, Omaha Nebraska
  • American Local, Portland OR
  • Ten Thousand Waves, Santa Fe NM
  • Uncommon Brewing - making a wasabi pilsner.

*Iron Chef Morimoto used fresh wasabi leaves and rhizome from our farm on the August 8, 2011 Season 9 episode 15 of Iron.Chef.America; episode # S09E15 Morimoto.vs.Tila Episode (IA0905H).  Also found here: (See the Distributor page for a list of US Distributors.)

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Wasabi in the Kitchen

Wasabi adds a unique flavor and heat to foods and is described as having a sharp, hot, vegetable taste that enhanced flavors, acting much like salt.  Wasabi’s heat component is different from chilies, as the hotness quickly dissipates in the mouth leaving a mild vegetable taste.

The rhizome can be grated fresh to add heat and complexity to a variety of dishes including meats, sauces, dressings, noodles and soups.  The heat is volatile and both oleophilic and hydrophilic and can be transferred to oil and spirits to make infusions.  The entire plant is edible and flavorful including the rhizome, leaves and stems.  Leaves and stems can be served fresh or cooked.  The relatively small amount of heat in the leaves and stems will diminish when cooked and taste similar to sautéed spinach and asparagus respectively.  Some of our customer’ favorite uses include:

  • Steak with a bit of fresh wasabi (and dipped in soy sauce).  Imagine steak with a bit of asparagus on the fork with a horseradish heat. (Also a neo-traditional Japanese use) 
  • French fries with fresh wasabi (also in wasabi aioli)  
  • Wasabi fresh grated onto a raw oyster
  • Mashed potatoes with fresh wasabi
  • Soba Noodles with Fresh Wasabi and sautéed vegetables (a Japanese version of Pasta Primavera)
  • Fresh wasabi on a hamburger
  • Fresh wasabi grated into an asian salad
  • Wasabi-infused vodka bloody mary (or grated and stirred)
  • Fresh Wasabi ceviche
  • Wasabi vinaigrette salad dressing
  • Fresh wasabi grated into miso soup or stew.

How to place an order

Update August 14 2014: Frog Eyes Wasabi will not be shipping the weeks of August 18, 25 or Sept. 1.  We could again take orders the week of Sept. 1 for shipment Sept. 8.  The farmer is away.  (Even farmers get holidays and the wasabi crop does not have any dormant periods, there's no convenient time.)  Being that there is only one currently-producing single source of fresh North American wasabi, I can't recommend you to another North American source.  

How to place an order:

  1. Email:   
  2. Provide the following information: 
  • Shipping address
  • customer phone number (and alternative email if applicable)
  • order specifics (volume, variety, size), 
  • desired shipping method (one or two day)
  • desired delivery date (see shipping below)
  • verification that the package can be received by a person on the desired delivery date.

Follow Up:

  • Jennifer or Markus will return your email and confirm the order
  • Order is harvested and shipped.
  • Photo(s) of the order are sent via email
  • Invoice is sent the Wednesday of the delivery week electronically and can be paid by check to the remittance address or QuikBooks.  Invoices are sent by Jennifer Bloeser ( co-owner and farmer and accountant).  Please email Jennifer for questions.

Delivery days are Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on desired transit time.  Please use this guide when determining desired delivery date.  We harvest on Mondays and ship on Tuesdays.  Orders are needed by Sundays at 12:00PM PST.

Shipping Cost: Western US is usually 1-2 day FedEx Ground. Cost is approximately $9-35 + shipping materials 

All other US is typically 2-day FedEx Express (air).  Eastern or Southern US is typically $35 + shipping materials 

Overnight is possible. Cost is approximately $65-75  + materials

Customer pays for shipping materials (box, ice, thermal lining).  This is approximately $4.18 with one ice and $5.18 with two ice (two day shipping is often two ice particularly in the summer).




Wasabi greens with octopus and tomatoes.  Chef: David Padberg

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XL = 5oz;   L = 3-4oz;  M = 2oz; S = 1oz;  SS = <1oz  Size category / Servings  XL / 24+    L / 14+    M / 8+   S / 5+   SS<5  Sizes and servings are approximate.

XL = 5oz;   L = 3-4oz;  M = 2oz; S = 1oz;  SS = <1oz

Size category / Servings

XL / 24+    L / 14+    M / 8+   S / 5+   SS<5

Sizes and servings are approximate.

We sell the stems (petioles) attached to the leaves.  There are approximately 35 leaves per pound.  They are available year-round.