It’s BBQ Season!


It’s BBQ Season!

As spring turns into summer many people will be enjoying BBQs, getting together with friends & family, and picnics.

 We know that the memories made at gatherings like these are important, and that those memories often become even more cherished years down the road.

 We have some “BBQ Season” suggestions for you in case you want to bring the zest and joy of wasabi flavor with you this summer.

 When you are grilling, our Wasabi Seasoning Salt and Rub works great on both Chicken and Salmon.

 Simply use our wasabi seasoning salt just like you would any other BBQ rub before you put your meat on the grill.

 There is something magical about Corn on the Cob, and you can make a wasabi compound butter with our Wasabi Seasoning Salt and Rub that is tremendous!

 Lastly, trust me on this – add our Wasabi Seasoning Salt and Rub to Potato Salad to add a little zing!

 Whether you are making potato salad from scratch, or you have to make a quick stop at the store for some premade potato salad, add some of our Wasabi Seasoning Salt and Rub and thank me later!

 If you have any “BBQ Season” Suggestions for using our Wasabi Seasoning Salt and Rub please send them along! We would love to hear from you.

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Posted on June 14, 2019 .