Grow and sell the highest quality authentic wasabi for distribution to U.S. and international customers.



Accomplish Frog Eyes Wasabi’s mission through business practices that:

Respects the needs of people involved
Gives back to local community
Operates with ecologically sensitive principles

Frog Eyes Wasabi provides its employees with a livable wage.  We employ local contractors and employees and exclusively purchase from local suppliers and products.  Our goal is to employ rain capture methodology, construct stream/riparian improvements for our local stream, donate at least 1% of proceeds to local estuary preservation efforts, install nutrient capture/uptake technology and coordinate with academic research to identify and test low impact nutrients.

Quality: Frog Eyes Wasabi produces extremely high quality, flavorful, authentic, water-grown wasabi.  We are the only commercial wasabi grower in Oregon.  Our farm is located on the Oregon Coast where the climate is optimal for wasabi cultivation.  It is humid, constantly cool and is blessed with pristine forest streams.  With this ambient climate and our proven growing methodology, we replicate the cool alpine stream environment of the Japanese mountains, which is wasabi’s natural habitat.  Using the water-grown method, Frog Eyes Wasabi produces a superior product to some Asian-imported wasabi and of equal quality to the highest-grade product grown in Japan.


Our farm - the stream is just behind the greenhouses.

Our stream.  It is a short-stretch coastal stream with no users but Frog Eyes Farm.  The water is absolutely pristine.